Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A customer case with Julius Mygind

Frederik Baunø

CSO and Founder

It all started a few months ago where Julius needed an update for his former website. We got in touch and quickly agreed to work together and help him throughout the project. It didn’t take long before we had a signed contract and started working. We got introduced to Julius’ work and what expectations he had for his upcoming website.

We created a mockup and a simple logo that we found suitable for his needs - and after a short dialogue, we were able to start the design and work of his actual website.


We started by working with the basic setup and afterward went into every needed category within the categories in his field, and last but not least, we implemented a webshop. We asked for some updated texts and pictures/videos, which only took a few days, and we got ready for launch.

When we got to the launch day and had to take down the old website, we had to plan when and how - both parties wanted to avoid as much downtime as possible. Every single code had to be converted to the new website and we had to change the domain settings. We wanted everything to be perfect.

Everything went more than perfect, and we are happy to welcome to you the new and updated website for Julius Mygind: juliusmygind.dk

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce two more collaborations thanks to Julius. None other than the Danish movie star, writer, father to Julius, and much more: Peter Mygind. Julius’ wife and mother of his children, his booking agency OYM (On Your Mind): Stine Winther Mygind.

Stay tuned for more we can’t wait to show you what else we have up our sleeves!