Thursday, March 4, 2021

I'm a designer - Why learn to code?

You may have asked yourself the question or heard someone talking about it.

Why would I want to code as a designer? I create the content - I work artistically.

I have asked myself that plenty of times while studying design.

No one is expecting you to the become a guru in Python or C++ - but that doesn't mean some light knowledge of coding can't take you to the next level.

There is the old saying "it never hurts know" but let's take a look at how it can gain you instead.

The title is web designer?

When designing for web your employer will expect you to know some basic to mid-level HTML, CSS and maybe some Javascript. Being able to incorporate this into your work sets you apart from other designers as you can fill the role better.

I'm a freelancer I decide how I work

This can be enough to make a fine living - but knowing the basics of putting together the website yourself will see the prospective client list rise and you will not have coders change your work as you are in charge of the entire workflow. It can also help speed up your own work or help you find more effecient ways to do your tasks.


Having an understanding of programming can also give you an insight into the thoughts and processes of programmers and help the communication between departments in order to increase effeciency.

We live in an age where the line between designers and coders are slowly blurring together - not saying that you would need to be a master of both in order to become either. As a designer you will be met with better opportunities if you know some coding - even just the willingness to learn some coding can take you to the next step.

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